You won’t see any type of cuter today than this dog who befriended dwarf bunnies.
The Golden Retriever is a canine that likes all pets.

As you most likely already understand, pet dogs are social animals by nature as well as frequently have a tendency to befriend both people and also various other pets.

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Everyone loves a Golden Retriever. That is since their caring nature softens every person’s heart. Though every pet dog type can bring a sense of friendship to any man, a Golden Retriever is so good at that.

Golden Retrievers are known to be gentle pets, but this adorable young puppy named Bailey surpassed the type’s credibility when he ended up being the surrogate sire of 4 charming child bunnies.



These dogs are a smart breed of canines. As well as with that said intelligence, they are efficient assisting blind people, searching, listening to deaf individuals, detecting of controlled substances, and taking part in search and rescue missions.

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But there is something unique regarding one Golden Retriever. His name is Bailey, and he ended up being a papa of a bunch of 4 cute little rabbits. What’s amusing is that these adorable little rabbits picked the wonderful dog to be their brand-new protecting figure.

The proprietor was shocked to see that the child bunnies were not scared of the Gentle Giant. The bunnies accepted big Bailey as their father figure. The pleasant Golden Retriever does not challenge these cute little rabbits’ acts.


The wonderful little rabbits love to cuddle as well as climb their dad Bailey, who is lounging on the bed while the little brownish bunnies hop around and also play on him and in his fur. Like all proud daddies, Bailey watches his buns have fun with a look of satisfaction on his wonderful face.

He enjoys cuddling, kissing, and monitoring his new little hoppers as they explore. The rabbits show zero anxiety of the dog as well as act as though having a huge golden retriever for a father is just a totally regular thing.

The video of the little bunnies playing with their brand-new father figure was published on Youtube. Everyone that saw the video clip was impressed, and they enjoyed every part of it. The video was so heartfelt as the charming Golden Retriever does not deny his brand-new bunny kids.

Video about Cute Baby Bunnies and Golden Retriever 

Though this is not the only tale around the world that shows kind interaction between 2 species of animals, this is still among one of the most heartfelt. This tale genuinely is an unique experience.

If you wish to see more of Bailey, you can join his virtually 14k followers over on Instagram. There you will discover great deals of cute photos of the pleasant pooch that lives with his owners in Spain.


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