Adopting An Adult Ca Advantages And Disadvantages

What good and what bad in adopting an adult cat?
Most of the time when we think of welcoming a new pet into our homes, we usually think of puppies or animals with a few months or days of life. The truth is that rarely do we incur that this possibility exists and we forget that older beings also deserve a second chance. In fact, this option has many advantages that we may not know how to value, especially if it is for adult cats. So if you are thinking about it, in this article we will tell you all the advantages of adopting a feline that is already in adulthood.


Although the most common nowadays is to rule out the adoption of adult specimens, in reality, there are many reasons why you should not hesitate to adopt a cat that is no longer a puppy:
Cats with a few months or days of life require constant care that many times are an impediment, especially since if you work or do not have time to dedicate, it will be difficult for you to dedicate yourself to it and cover its basic needs. The feline puppies need to be fed with bottles of artificial formula milk and little by little you have to introduce wet food into their diet. In addition, it is necessary to take more care of their hygiene, especially of the mucous membranes, while adult cats clean themselves and many of them even refuse to be cleaned by their owners. In this regard, they are much more independent and require less attention time.
An adult cat is no longer going to change physically so as you see it, it will stay that way. On the contrary, the youngest specimens tend to change the color of their fur, and the weight and height that they will reach in the future are not exactly known.
Older cats know where to relieve themselves, in fact, they will find their litter tray to satisfy themselves. On the contrary, baby cats have to go through an education process to assimilate that routine. Also, younger felines tend to be more mischievous and, consequently, to break more things. While it is true that some adult cats can also be like this, in general, it is the puppies that are the most unruly and playful and the ones that break or bite more things, also seeking to relieve the pain caused by the growth of their teeth.

What Should I Inform About?

When choosing an adult cat, you can know its character and in this way, you will have an idea of ​​whether it can get along well with children or with other animals. Although it is true that some animals find it more difficult to socialize, especially those that have been abandoned or abused, in reality, everything can be achieved with progressive adaptation.
Bear in mind that an adult cat requires fewer visits to the vet than younger cats. It is true that in the event of any health problem you should turn to a specialist to help your pet whatever the time of his life, but generally it is the puppies that need to follow a more exhaustive control to check their proper development. This fact consequently makes having an adult cat more economical with regard to veterinary expenses if their health is good because, in addition, baby felines need to get their first vaccinations and deworming.
The most important thing about adopting a cat that is several years old is that you are doing him a huge favor. Unfortunately, in a large number of cases, the oldest animals in kennels and shelters are condemned to spend in these places until the last day of their lives, when in fact they deserve a second chance. When we think of taking in a pet, we generally want a small kitten to develop its life alongside ours, but as we have seen, there are many advantages to adopting adult specimens and perhaps even less problematic. Think that there is nothing that a good adaptation cannot solve.In this way, you not only contribute to a good cause but also help to alleviate the high occupation that sadly has the animal protectors of our country.


The truth is that having a cat as a pet can be quite beneficial for people, whether it is an adult animal, as we have seen before, or a puppy. And the only drawbacks are obvious, because like every living being that we choose to be responsible for, there are needs that must be attended to. Remember to give your feline the care that any other being needs because it is not only about food, but also about providing a rest area and a recreation area to perform its needs.

Also, remember that you have to dedicate daily time to their hygiene and money in all the elements they need, also for their deworming and veterinary visits. However, other drawbacks that may arise and that are less controllable may be allergy problems that some people develop due to the hair that the animal loses or also allergies caused by certain components of the rust. You should know that there are products to minimize these problems in people’s health, although it is also evident that improving the hygiene of the animal contributes to reducing the risk or intensity of the allergy.

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