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Benefits Of Having A Cat

Always it has talked about the positive effects of health on having a cat and what count is like little animals of giving love and companionship have numerous qualities that make people feel better both physically as mentally.

Benefits Of Having A Cat


Several studies have indicated that having a cat as a pet supposes great benefits for the health of its owners, one of these benefits would be to calm us down and is that apparently the purr of our feline generates vibrations of between 20 and 140 hertz, a frequency which is considered beneficial for the relaxation of the body and mind.
Likewise, petting a cat can help calm stress by reducing levels of cortisol, one of the hormones that cause stress. In the same way, being with our pet increases the production of the waves, which help to enter states of relaxation and calm.


Although it may seem unrealistic, the therapeutic effects that cats have on people with autism are highly beneficial. Although we must take into account the breed and the specimen of this animal, it has been proven that these felines help people with autism to relate to the outside world since these animals are very independent, have their own space, and are approaching without overwhelming people, which makes the presence of this animal help them to open up a little more with the outside.

Similarly, it has been found that autistic children who own a cat have a higher level of oxytocin in the body, which reduces repetitive behaviors in children with autism.


A study done by the University of Minnesota monitored 4,500 people of which three out of five had a cat as a pet. Thanks to this study, it was concluded that people with a cat as a pet had a risk of less than 30% of having a heart attack.


A survey carried out in 2011 to 600 people who suffered from this disease revealed that having this animal as a pet had made them cope with their day to day much better by having the company of these felines.

Cats help improve your mood and serve as a positive distraction to get away from day-to-day problems. Likewise, it has been proven that having a routine, such as having a pet gives you, helps people with depression by seeing themselves busy and not having to be alone and with nothing to do.

so having this pet is considered very beneficial, especially for people who are going through a bad time. emotional streak.


Various studies have confirmed that after a month of acquiring a cat, the positive health effects can begin to be seen. Some of the improvements were an increase in the strength of the immune system of these people that made them recover more quickly from minor illnesses such as colds.


It has been proven that pets promote physical activity in their owners and, as you already know, animals are not very fond of laziness, so having an animal that depends on you only to play and exercise makes you have to do it.

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