Cat Australian

This breed of cat is characterized by its short hair, although they wanted to get a cat with a mottled coat, which is why it was initially called a mottled mist. However, as time passed and the breed developed, more patterns appeared, such as marbled coats, which caused the name to be changed again. In 1998, this animal was called my Australian.


The Australian mist, also known as the Australian mist or mist cat, is a breed that, as its name suggests, developed in Australia in 1976. Its offspring come from the cross between several cat breeds, including Abyssinians, Burmese, and other Australian shorthair cats. The creator of this breed, Dr. Truda Straede, wanted to get a cat that had all the characteristics of his previous pets, but with good humor, active and close, and presented his idea to the Royal Agricultural Society.

It is true that there are not many cats of this breed in Europe yet, but breeders are working on it so that it can be recognized by other feline organizations and it is gradually gaining popularity outside of Oceania. In addition, they are animals that do not stop increasing, so in the future, it will surely be achieved.


In its youngest stage, this animal appears to be more robust, although with the passage of time its constitution becomes finer until it becomes that of a normal cat. Therefore, in its adult stage we can observe a medium-sized feline weighing between 3 and 6 kilos if it is male, and between 2 and 5 kilos if it is female.

As for its coat, we can appreciate a shiny, silky, and short hair that does not tend to fall out, so it is not necessary to brush it daily.
The colors that the Australian mist usually presents are gold, brown, peach, gray, blue, lilac, caramel, or dark colors in general. What is curious and characteristic of the fur of this animal always has specks throughout the coat known as mist. In addition, its coat of hair has a pale background with a certain skin that gives it a hazy appearance.
Its head is rounded with large, wide, round-tipped ears, as are its eyes, which are also large and very expressive and can present various shades of green.
His face tends to be very kind and pretty, with a very pronounced chin. Her nose is long and wide. They have medium-sized and muscular legs, so they have a lot of strength, and they also have oval claws.
The tail of this animal is long and increasingly narrow as it reaches the tip.


Their main characteristic in terms of personality is that they have a reputation for being very pleasant, affectionate and enjoying the company of people, that is, they have no problem integrating into the family and they do not pose any kind of danger to the little ones, so you don’t have to be afraid of them spending time with the kids.
They also have no difficulty interacting with other cats or other pets, although it will always be better if we teach them to socialize from an early age. If not, they may develop problematic behaviors in adulthood such as aggressiveness or fear. In addition, they pay attention to all orders and are very intelligent, something that the owners take advantage of to teach them tricks to be more polite.

They are very sociable animals with a calm character, something positive because they are rarely aggressive. In addition, it is very tolerant of manipulation. It has no problem adapting to different environments, so it can be found anywhere, whether you take it to live in a huge house or a small apartment in the city.

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