The LaPerm cat is a very curious animal, the only one that, by chance or fate, developed a few decades ago in the United States, more specifically in Oregon. Its name means “the permanent one”, and refers to the curls that it has in its fur. It may also be called Dalles LaPerm. However, it is very rare that this feline can be found in other countries, as they have a unique morphology. This cat is characterized by its docility, affection, and character. Next, everything about this cat breed:


The origin of this breed comes from a genetic modification that took place spontaneously in a litter of ordinary cats that was born in the barn of some American farmers in 1986. Specifically, it was born in the state of Oregon. Only one cat out of the six in the litter was born bald. When eight weeks had passed, he began to grow quite soft curly hair. At three to four months of age, this feline had the full coat of curly fur of all LaPerm.

To this surprise that several breeders took with these strange felines, they created different breeding programs to develop the breed, which, thanks to the creation of the LPSA club in 1997, was recognized. A few years later, the TICA established the standard for this breed, the LaPerm breed, which is considered hypoallergenic because they do not shed any hair.


This cat always looks similar to the Siamese, that is, elegant and with a wedge-shaped head. As for the coat, which is the most striking feature of the LaPerm cat, there are many varieties, as we can find cats with long hair, with short or medium hair, but always thick and with a long coat of curly hair. In addition, the abundance of the coat will also depend a lot on the maturity of the cat and the season of the year. If we talk about the color of the coat, both this and the patterns can be any of the possibilities that exist. We can find solid colors, two-color, tricolor, chinchilla, brindle, with a Tonkinese or Siamese pattern, etc.
This pet is a medium-sized cat that ranges between 4 and 6 kilos if it is a male, or between 4 and 6 kilos if it is a female. They have a strong and fibrous body that highlights their consistent muscles, although hidden by their fur. The front legs are slightly shorter than the back and its tail is wide at the base and then when it reaches the tip.

Its head has a triangular shape and, like its body, it is medium in size. In addition, it ends in a long snout whose nose is straight and elongated. Their eyes are oval and the same color, or at least match the color of their coat, and they can be yellow, gold, blue or green. The ears are also shaped like a triangle and are wide and large with similar small plumes. to those of the lynxes.


This feline is characterized by its great kindness and for being so affectionate, because they love that their owners are aware of them and dedicate hours of play, caresses, and pampering. For this reason, the animal does not like to be alone, and it is not recommended at all because it can develop problems such as anxiety or depression.

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