Cats for Adoption Near Me- Tiny Abandoned Kitten Finds New Family

This kitten was found all alone, wounded, and trapped behind a pile of trash. Watch rescuers nurse him back to health and find him the perfect home with ” cats for adoption near me”!.

Couple decides to rescue an abandoned kitten

– Hi! “he’s in rough shape!” .. the homeowner had called saying that this kitten had shown up in his yard.
* He’d been feeding it but…
– “yeah! I just wanted it gone!”

*  “let’s just go get it”

* This kitten was in the pile of trash. He couldn’t stand up. He could barely lift his head. It’s an orange tabby cat.
He was small, I could feel his bones and ribs. It looked like the kitten may have lost its tail…

Cats for Adoption Near Me! Tiny Abandoned Kitten Finds New Family

The Kitten needs emergency help:

“We needed to get him to help pretty quickly”: told me my husband. So we’ve got the kitten, and we are headed home right now.

It was Sunday, so vets were closed first thing in the morning!
If he does survive, we’ll go ahead and get him into the vet.
In the morning, I was very pleased to see Julius that made it through the night. But he’s got flea dander and dirt all over.

At the vet, they said yeah the kitten is pretty bad got him as cleaned out as they possibly could and then all bandaged up!

Cats for Adoption Near Me… Love change life:

Oh that feels so good he just had from the start just the sweetest personality!:
“It’s just a little cat that wants love”; the healing process had indeed started.

You could tell he was feeling so much better probably for the first time in his life. He was safe, he was warm, he was fed, and he was comfortable as we progressed from day to day. It just got easier for son Rob saw Julius and just immediately fell in love with him: “Oh! what are you doing?”, and had told us early on that he would be interested in adopting him: Nice to adopt a cat… “Oh! cats for adoption near me!”


Their Grown-up Son Falls in Love

He came out of his little sleeping area, jumped in my lap;

Cats for Adoption Near Me! Tiny Abandoned Kitten Finds New Family

from that point, he told us that we were his tiny shaved butt cat who was just the m

ost gregarious cute thing I’ve ever seen.

“hey who’s gonna clean this up Julius?”
“Oh my goodness! the experience has been wonderful”

he’s giving her a bath.. what a sweet boy!
he’s a die-hard Saints fan who loves to sit there and watch football.., just wanted to live and he wanted to be loved and we’re fortunate enough to be the ones that get to give it to him.
It’s amazing!

great story! is not it?

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