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When we make the decision to buy a pet there are many factors that we must take into account. Therefore, if we decide to adopt a Golden Retriever breed dog, we must fully understand the needs and benefits of living together and making this animal happy.

This breed is extremely well known, as they are dogs of very good character, of unparalleled beauty, and that have helped many elderly people and people with disabilities due to their good behavior and intelligence.

Thus, a well-educated Golden Retriever is capable of being the best friend a man could have, and, therefore, we should be able to provide him with the best to make him one of the family and feel well cared for and loved by all. we tell you what are the characteristics of this beautiful pet.


Pets of this breed are medium or large in size, reaching 50 to 60 centimeters tall and weighing between 25 and 40 kilos. They usually have long, light-colored hair or brown, white, or a color in between.
They can live up to twelve years of life if they are well cared for or do not suffer from any major disease. However, it is a somewhat sensitive breed, so owners must be very aware of the health of their Golden Retriever if they do not want it to become seriously ill.

Before adopting this pet, we must inform ourselves about the parents as well as possible, because if they belong to the same family branch, the puppy can suffer diseases such as displacement of the hip or other diseases.

We will have to educate our puppy very well when he gets home since Golden Retrievers receive that name because they like to pick up their prey and return them intact to their master. However, when they are puppies they do not control the strength of their teeth and if we do not teach them what to bite or eat and whatnot, you will probably end up having a scare.

Many are the cases in which this pet has eaten an unwanted object and the vet has had to remove it from the stomach. This is very serious because the dog may choke, the object may be obstructing the stomach or the vet may have had to intervene so many times that his life is in serious danger.
This pet will need to have a balanced diet, dog food is only the best you can give it, since the food we eat may not always suit it. Take him to the vet whenever he is instructed or if you think something is wrong. These dogs also tend to suffer from skin allergies, so if you see that they scratch persistently, they may need specific medication.

When you take him out for a walk, he will probably end up bathing in a puddle or rolling in the mud. That’s because they like water and you will need to bathe it with the proper shampoo when you get home. Remember to dry it well so that it cannot catch a cold if we are in winter. His hair is quite hard, so brushing it once a day will be enough to keep it well-groomed.


Golden Retrievers are pets known for being very affectionate and obedient. That is why it is ideal to have it in a family with young children and elderly people. However, it is the adults who must teach the puppy well, since the smallest and oldest in the house may not have the strength to do so.

It will not be difficult to teach the Golden Retriever, as he has a very personable character and will be happy to comply and learn what the master teaches him. Since they do not squeeze hard when they bite, we can teach them to pick things up for us, something very useful if they live in a house with elderly or disabled people.

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