Bomb Dogs And Drugs Dogs
Berger Allemand

Detection Dogs

Dogs are distinguished by the fact that they have many characteristics. Helped by its great olfactory capacities. These characteristics have helped the human being to accomplish many tasks and responsibilities which he is unable to perform due to his limited capacities in this regard. Among those tasks that dogs perform with great efficiency is the discovery of an array of crimes, diseases, and hazardous materials that can threaten people’s safety and lives. In this way, he helps anti-combat and security forces uncover the various and sophisticated schemes of criminal gangs.
It is understood that it can increase the efficiency of working dogs in the field of detection with training in this subject.
So, detector dogs are trained to detect even small amounts of certain substances, as they can detect many types of drugs no matter how badly the criminals cover them up by wrapping them with materials in order to deceive them. It also allows you to discover corpses, and even those who live under the rubble. Additionally, these trained dogs can detect bombs, dynamite, explosives, and dangerous items in airplane bags, cars, buildings, and anywhere that could pose a security threat.
There are many numbers, types, and strains of detection dogs out there, and this article won’t cover many of them, so in this article we will focus on the top detection dogs.

1. Bomb Dogs

What is the purpose of sniffing the bomb?
There are many advantages to sniffing bombs: if there is information about planting a bomb in a special place or place frequented by the general public, such as train stations, malls, schools, hotels. .., but nobody knows, nobody knows where the bomb is or exactly where it is. At the same time, the bomb could explode. Its explosion will undoubtedly cause serious damage to life and property.
Therefore, sniffing the bomb by trained dogs can be of great value.
A dog’s nose can detect specific parts of the bomb and is hundreds of times more sensitive than any human’s nose. Thus, the dog can search and find the bomb in record time, even if it is hidden, it saves precious time and can save many lives.


As great as the task of sniffing a bomb, the task of training dogs for this skill is tedious and time consuming. The exact procedures for training bomb detection dogs are very strict.
Regardless of the actual threat, operators need to train with dogs every day as training takes a long time as they are trained to detect different explosives in different situations. In order to reinforce this behavior in dogs, dogs are rewarded when they find bombs with a favorite food until their desire to find those explosives increases.


Not all breeds have enough initial preparation to train and cope with the task of sniffing bombs, so bomb detection dogs are typically a breed of German Shepherds or dogs associated with German Shepherds. , like the Belgian Malinois, which are difficult for most people to tell the difference between them.
Mixed breeds and even Beagles can be used, and laboratories can be accredited in this regard to obtain the appropriate breeds, but a keen sense of smell, courage and a specific training temperament remain the basis of selection. dogs for this task.

2. Drugs Dogs

Drugs are fertile ground for criminal gangs to accumulate fictitious profits, and in order to smuggle them and promote them in society, drug trafficking mafias master the innovation of new methods of concealment and smuggling drugs (wrapped in layers and smeared with a strong smell of coffee …), in order to prevent their discovery and escape. From the grip of security and anti-drug agents.
As a result, security and drug enforcement agencies are making efforts to develop and develop their methods of detecting drugs and arresting those who have smuggled them.
Where drug security and law enforcement agencies around the world have relied on police dogs for drugs and places to hide drugs, studies and research have proven the effectiveness and strength of the trained dog. in drug research and detection due to its strong sense of smell that exceeds human smell thousands of times.


Training a dog to snort drugs is not easy, as the training goes through several stages:
1- Experts in the field select the breeds of police dogs qualified for this task;
2- In a first step of training dogs to smell drugs, the trainer puts a piece of cloth with the dog, and allows the dog to play with this piece until it becomes attached to it and becomes his favorite game;
3- Then the smell of the fabric is changed from time to time until the dog is able to distinguish the group of drug smells that have been placed inside the fabric;
4- Reward the dog by the trainer after finding the scent sought.
In the educational world this process is called conditioning learning;
5- At an advanced stage of training, the training is carried out with the addition of a lot of noise and the hum of bullets, in an atmosphere that simulates the reality that can characterize the search for contraband so that it does not become panicked or do not resort to escaping the sound of bullets.


we can choose any breed for training to be drug dog, only he must should exhibits favorable traits. Again, the German Shepherd shines with this ability and is the most likely breed to breed, but hunting dogs and other hunting dogs are also excellent sniffers.

Among the most well-known types of drug detection dogs:
German shepherd dog
Doberman Pinscher dog
Labrador dog
Maleno dog

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