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Despite the fact that the deerhound, also known as the sighthound or Scottish greyhound, is not one of the best-known dog breeds, it is one of the oldest within the English specimens. And it is that the Scottish greyhound is a direct descendant of the great dogs that already populated Scotland during the time of the Celts. Originally they were used for hunting -as their name suggests, but not only for deer but also for wolves, wild boars, or rabbits. A characteristic that made this race the preferred one of the heads of the different Scottish clans. However, when firearms began to make their way into the hunt, the Scottish greyhound was no longer needed and it was withdrawn from this activity. So much so that it was at risk of extinction until in the 19th century, interest in this breed reappeared and it still remains today in its place of origin.


This breed shares several traits of its cousin the English greyhound, a much better-known dog, despite the fact that it is usually larger. In the case of males, the height at the withers can reach 76 centimeters with a weight of between 40 and 45 kilograms. For their part, the females usually have a height at the withers of 70 centimeters and weight somewhat higher than 35 kilograms. But, if something shares with the English greyhound, it is its slim constitution with long legs and ahead in line with the rest of the body as it is elongated.
However, there are also many differences that can be found between these two breeds. One of them is that the Scottish Greyhound is stronger and more muscular than the English. Another of its differences is, without a doubt, its characteristic coat. The deerhound has a medium-length coat of between 5 and 10 centimeters, with the characteristic of being quite irregular, which gives it the appearance of being disheveled at all times. This difference in hair is probably due to the fact that the Scottish greyhound had to face much more adverse temperatures than its English cousin, especially in the freezing winters that plagued the Highlands or Highlands. Hence, it is a type of dog that does not tolerate high temperatures very well.

As for the shades between which the Scottish Greyhound’s hair can vary, the most common colors are gray, brown, different shades of red, or bluish. And, in addition, a curious fact is that his face is also covered with this characteristic hair, which gives him the appearance of having bushy eyebrows and a long beard. That is why this dog is also often chosen to be presented in dog shows and shows.


The kindness and faithfulness of this dog are one of its main traits, although there are times when its hunting instinct can come to the surface. It is a personality trait that must be taken care of since the pet is a puppy, especially when it is going to live with other smaller animals such as a cat. However, with other dogs, he does not usually have any problem when it comes to relating, as with strangers. This is a trait that makes it a breed not suitable as a guard dog, since although at first it may feel suspicious if it is approached by a stranger it will quickly gain confidence and bring out its friendlier side.

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