Dog Breeds-Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz, as a good member of the Spitz group, is characteristic for its coat that is made up of two layers: a more robust and short one that makes them safeguard the heat of their body and another more superficial that is longer. Likewise, within this group, the morphology of its members also stands out, which is very similar thanks to their appearance of foxes. However, the Japanese Spitz has its own traits and origins that make it a unique breed, despite the fact that it is very reminiscent of Pomeranians or Samoyed. So if you want to know everything about it, in this article we will tell you its basic characteristics.


This ancient dog has its origin in Japan as it is where the breed developed, hence its name. However, the Japanese Spitz was born from the crossing of dog breeds from North America, Northern Europe, and Russia, back in 400 BC More specifically, it is thought that the origins of this breed come from the crossbreeding of white Spitz specimens such as the German Spitz, the Russians or the Siberian Samoyed, who arrived on the Asian island thanks to the merchants who traveled to Japan by sea routes.
However, it is important to mention that the emergence of the Japanese Spitz is somewhat uncertain because some experts claim that they come exclusively from the giant German Spitz, whose models began to arrive in Japan around 1920. These experts think that it was the selection of the Japanese that originated the breed by turning it into habitual companion animals. Later they spread throughout the rest of the world making them one of the most popular breeds for their beauty.


It is precisely its majestic appearance that has popularized this type of medium-small dog. They can measure 38 centimeters and their weight ranges between 6 and 12 kilos. They have a rather round head, with a somewhat elongated and stylized snout, the ears set high but small and forming perfect equilateral triangles. A fundamental characteristic is that Japanese Spitz specimens always have their ears well erect.

Regarding the shape of its body, its appearance is compact and somewhat robust, especially because of its fur, which is its most remarkable feature. With short and straight parts, the breed has a medium-sized, curled tail that is covered with hair. Likewise, it is very important to point out that Japanese Spitz specimens are white, with two layers of fur as explained above: one more dense and woolly and another longer and separate, which is the outer one.


Japanese Spitz is known for being quite loving and personable, as well as being very loyal towards their owners. Other of their characteristics is that they demand attention from their masters, especially so that they play with them or simply pamper them. This fact encourages these dogs to develop a very strong bond with them and has a very faithful and protective side. In fact, Japanese Spitz is very fond of vigilance and observation, and when they detect some strange noise or any unknown, they do not show so much kindness because they put themselves on alert. It is in these when they become more distrustful.

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