Fruits And Vegetables Cats Can Eat

Even if your cat follows its balanced diet and eats the daily feed rations that correspond to it, surely you have ever wondered if it could also be healthy for your pet to eat fruits or vegetables. It is true that felines are mammals with characteristics similar to dogs, but in reality, they are strictly carnivorous animals, thus, plant foods are dispensable for them. However, you should know that fruits and vegetables can be very beneficial for your feline’s body.

If you are considering giving your cat plant-based products, you should know that you have to be very careful because not all vegetables are good for them. In fact, some can be very toxic, so you need to know which fruits and vegetables are the most recommended for cats and in what quantities to give them. So, let’s review the list of these foods that will best suit your pet.


Apple: it is a very digestive fruit and rich in minerals, with a high content of vitamins. It is also an antioxidant, which will improve the functioning of vital organs of the body of your feline as important as the liver, kidneys, or bladder. Ideally, you should peel it into pieces to your pet and without the seeds or the bone so that it does not have problems when chewing.

Pear: as with the apple, this fruit is an antioxidant thanks to a large amount of water it contains, almost 80% of its totality. Your cat will surely find it delicious because of its sweet taste.
Watermelon: it is a vegetable that your feline will love and that will be very beneficial in the summer since it provides a lot of hydration. However, you must be careful not to give it with seeds, since these contain cyanide and can be very toxic to your pet. To give your cat watermelon, cut small cubes of fruit, and pay close attention so that no seeds escape.
Melon: like watermelon, it is refreshing and hydrating, perfect for purifying the animal’s body. You should also give it seedless.
Peach: although it should not be consumed in large quantities, it is a very beneficial fruit for your pet due to its antioxidant and moisturizing properties and its high fiber content.

They have very few calories and their high amounts of potassium are perfect for the animal’s immune system, as well as contributing to the proper functioning of blood circulation.


Tomato: this vegetable is not only perfect for human consumption but also provides many benefits to cats. Provides vitamins A and C, among others, very important to maintain good vision and good blood flow. In addition, it contains a lot of iron that will help your immune system. However, you will always have to give him the raw and well-ripe tomato, without stems or leaves, since otherwise, it can be harmful to your cat’s body.
Cucumber: very digestive food and some slices can come in handy for your pet, since it has the ability to improve its skin and hair, as well as freshen its breath. You can feed your cat both raw and cooked cucumber.
Broccoli: although consumed in excess it can cause gas in your feline, it is actually a very digestive vegetable for him thanks to its high content of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are important for maintaining your pet’s eye health.
Zucchini: it can be ideal for your feline if it is somewhat overweight, due to its low amount of fat, but high in fiber and liquid. In addition, it is very rich in vitamins that help strengthen your immune system. Also, one of the main benefits of zucchini is that it contains lutein, a substance that also contributes to the good state of the sense of sight in cats.
Lettuce: either raw or cooked, it is a vegetable that these animals usually like. It can be very useful in cases where your pet has constipation, as well as being very rich in iron and other minerals. Lettuce will be ideal if to reduce the amounts of sugar in your cat’s body.
Carrot: it is one of the vegetables that best suits felines and is one of the most traditional in their diet due to its high beta-carotene content, perfect for vision. They also have a lot of fiber and vitamins, which makes it ideal for the feeding routine of these mammals.

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