Cat's Hair

Cats and dogs are the pets that we most often welcome in our homes and their care has always been our priority.
It is even very important for their social relationships both with other humans and with other felines and animals of the same species.

For these reasons it is a priority to know how to take care of our cat’s hair so that it is healthy and shiny and we are going to leave you a few tricks to achieve it. Some of them are, obviously, brushing it every day, giving it small pieces of tuna or salmon, and preserving the oil from the sardines that we usually buy canned to put it on its feed and mix it.

The cat’s hair serves, like most animals, as a thermal insulator, both against cold and against excessive heat that can damage its skin and, in addition, it fulfills one of the most important functions in the social life of this animal as it is extremely important for their sense of touch: it serves both as an aid to communicate with us and to do so with animals of the same species. So how should a cat’s hair be cared for?


A cat’s hair will have shine if, when brushing, it is done thoroughly every day and hydrated with foods rich in omega 3 and 6. The cat’s brushings serve to care for and pamper its fur at the same time as to keep it free of dirt.

To brush the pussy you can start with a soft and flexible bristle brush or some similar products (there are many similar products available on the market) by brushing its hair in the opposite direction of its natural direction, from the tail towards the head. later it continues, now yes, in the direction of the hair fibers, from head to tail. A metal bristle brush will help to care for and keep hair healthy, shiny, and free of knots.

So that the hair does not get tangled or the cat itself gets dirty or makes a noise while licking it, it is best to repeat this process for 3 or 4 minutes each day. In addition, your cat will know how to thank you and it will be he who asks you to go brush it.


The cat needs some care to be hydrated and stay healthy so that our pet can show off its hair with shine. Knowing this, we should take into account that some “light” foods eliminate not only the calories that may be making our feline fatter, but also good fats, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and this type of fats, contrary to what it may seem to us, are healthy for the cat and totally necessary to keep its skin and hair healthy.

So some products that we can buy that are rich in this type of fats are some bluefish such as salmon, which contain a high concentration of saturated fat in their muscles, or tuna, another bluefish that helps the cat with the care of its hair.
They can be offered bits of these fish once a week to help take care of their skin and keep their hair shinier. On the other hand, it is useful to know that both salmon and tuna must be raw and free of bones and entrails and have been in the freezer for at least three consecutive days.


Well, one of the great alternatives is to use canned blue fish, such as canned sardines (keep in mind that they should not be spicy or should be seasoned with any type of product).

That because? Because the oil in the cans of canned sardines is a great source of omega 3 and 6 that will be great for our pet, so, following the pattern that we use with other types of fish.

By following these little instructions that are not complicated at all, it is achieved that our cat pets look a natural and healthy shine in their fur, and both they and we will enjoy a much softer and more delicate touch, free of pulls and tangles and we can boast of a pet when we receive visitors.

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