How to Remove Tear Stains From Your Dog

How to Remove Tear Stains From Your Dog: Dogs are perfect animals for the company of people, but, like us, they also suffer from diseases or unexpected things that happen to them. In this case, we are going to talk about the reddish or brown spots that may appear under your pet’s eyes. This is a consequence of the obstruction of the ducts due to allergies or poor diets, although it is not serious at all, so you do not have to be scared.

When your dog cries, magnesium, iron, and other minerals come into contact with the air and oxidize, causing that dark shadow that makes your pet look listless and sad. But this is not all, because to this is added the fact that, since the animal’s hair is wet as a result of tears, bacteria and fungi are easily accommodated and also favor those dark spots. Here are all the tips and tricks so you can make your pet’s tear duct disappear :


The eye is a very delicate and sensitive organ that requires constant care and attention. Any disinterest in our pet’s eyes can lead to serious problems. And is that, many serious diseases, such as brain or respiratory pathologies, or glaucoma are manifested through the eyes of our pet.

In most, if not always, cases this brownish or reddish appearance around the eyes occur in small breed dogs, such as Shih-Tzu and Chihuahuas. Also in white dogs or those of advanced age. In the last two cases, the spots are much more visible.

Even so, before applying the products to the tear duct, you should consult a specialist or veterinarian because it could also be a health problem. The professional will tell you why your dog is crying and can give you a specific solution to end this unpleasant situation. Some of the causes why your pet’s tear duct darkens are:

Allergies: If the problem stems from the ingestion of new food, it is best to go to the vet to see if it is due to any type of allergy. And, sometimes, corn or soy cause allergic reactions that you can only rule out if you go to the specialist to perform the necessary tests.
Nasolacrimal duct obstruction: This is something that happens very often and the vet will have to regularly clean your pet’s tear duct so that this does not continue to happen.
Although it can also occur in breeds such as the Boxer, that is, large; It usually occurs in smaller molosser-type animals, such as the Pug, in dogs with flat snouts due to their genetics. Those breeds of dogs that have long hair are also prone, because it is embedded in their eyes, that have a light coat, or that are characterized by their exophthalmia. Therefore, some of the most prone breeds would be Poodles, Chihuahuas, Maltese, and Frize, etc.

Lack of nutrition: Many times we take for granted which is the most convenient diet for our dog, but we should inform ourselves before because the product you are giving to your pet may not contain all the proteins or vitamins necessary for its metabolism. Homemade liver food can be a good option to reduce the rust caused by your tears.
You must be careful that your pet is in perfect health and not that it does not cry more than necessary. Normally, this situation is accompanied by red eyes or an excess of tears.

Observe your dog and take him to the vet if you see anything unusual in case it is an eye problem or something else.

How To Remove These Tear Stains?

There are many products that usually give good results to treat this type of dark spots, as they are composed of a chemical antioxidant that gradually erases that annoying darkness from your dog’s tear duct. The main thing to whiten the tear duct of your dog is to attack the problem from the root.

There are other specific products that we can find in any pet store that contains, among other substances that clean the dog’s eye area, polyhexamethylene biguanide. According to studies, this molecule helps to repair damaged hair and skin, that is, it prevents stains on your pet’s tear ducts and eliminates them little by little if they have already appeared.

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