Pekingese Dog
Pekingese Dog

We reserve this article especially to know better the “Pekingese Dog”: origin, characteristics, and to take care of it.


The origins of the Pekingese dog breed are found in Asia, specifically in the mountains of Tibet, where this breed was also worshiped in religion. It comes from the oriental woolly dogs, but in an increasingly reduced form and with a different coat due to crossing. In these lands, the pet was always treated as a sacred being and no one could harm it, as it would be severely punished.
The breed’s beauty did not go unnoticed by early westerners to Asian countries, who were unable to export the breed due to Chinese preservation laws until the late 19th century. From that moment on, the Pekingese would go from being loved pets to many families around the world.
In this article, we can know the characteristics of this pet and How to take care of it.


Pekingese dog
Pekingese dog

This animal falls into the category of Toy breeds, these weigh less than 5 kilos and are small animals that can almost always travel in arms or in a bag. They are usually a maximum of 20 centimeters tall and weigh between 4 and 5 kilos at most if they are at their ideal weight. They are characterized by having a very flat nose, usually black, large, and close-set eyes of the same color, lowered ears, and long hair. The Pekingese can be of any or all colors: black, white, gray, or brown. And that it is of one color or another does not differentiate the race at all.
This dog usually has an elongated body and short legs, compared to the body. The head is its most prominent line since it appears much larger than the body and has a lot of hair around it as if it were a small lion. Many Pekingese tend to have a slightly disjointed jaw, so the lower part will overlap the upper part and this will show the lower teeth even with their mouth closed.


Pekingese Dog
Pekingese Dog

The Pekingese breed is usually quite strong and dominant. It is not the most suitable pet to have at home if we have small children, since it does not have much patience and could show some unwanted behavior. The Pekingese also tends to bark a lot. Even if you teach him to bark less, small dogs are often loud to scare off potential attackers.

This dog can also be very territorial, so from a young age, you should teach him who the owner of the house is and follow your instructions at all times.
Pekingese can live up to 15 years of life, so its behavior must be controlled at all times if we want it to be a perfect dog for our family.
This pet is ideal for older people because it does not have a lot of strength and they can control it perfectly, it is a lap dog that likes to receive the constant affection of its owners and that does not need a large amount of exercise a day. You can live perfectly in an apartment in the city, as long as you go out for a walk with your owners for at least 10 to 15 minutes, three times a day.
As for the care we need for this pet, they are not really excessive. We must always brush the coat once a day. Think that having long hair will have many of those hairs at home and on clothes, so if you brush it, you will remove a lot of them. In terms of health, they do not usually have serious problems.

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