Rules For Entering Shopping Centers With Your Dog
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Rules For Entering Shopping Centers With Your Dog

Not many years ago, the idea of ​​being able to walk into a shopping mall with a dog was totally unthinkable. However, although there is still a long way to go, more and more shops are opening their doors to our pets and thus receive the name of ‘dog-friendly’ establishments.

In Spain, approximately 40% of households have at least one pet and for all of them, this advance has been received as great news. Now, families can go to a shopping center on time for a drink or to run an errand with their pet. However, it is very important to bear in mind that these visits cannot replace walks through natural spaces, as they are the area in which animals need to move.
According to a study carried out by ‘Pipper on tour’, in Spain 30.2% of shopping centers allow their customers to enter the company of their dogs as long as they are on a leash and wear a muzzle if they are potentially dangerous. Another 36.3% also accept the entry of animals but in a more restrictive way, since only small dogs in arms, carrier or purse are welcome. The remaining 33.5% of Spanish shopping centers prohibit access for dogs despite the fact that some stores allow their entry inside.


Before visiting one of these pet-friendly centers with your four-legged companion, you should know that there are certain general rules that they must comply with once inside the complex. Its correct compliance would serve as an example so that the numbers of ‘dog-friendly’ businesses continue to grow in our country and so that those people who do not like dogs begin to get used to them.

First of all, it is essential that the dog maintains proper behavior. This means that if your pet is not properly educated and therefore may bark constantly strangers or make their needs often once inside the establishment, it is best to prescind your company.
The animal must always be tied up and walking next to its owner on the ground, being prohibited from climbing onto the furniture. There are other less permissive establishments that, as mentioned, allow them to enter in the arms of their owner, in a purse or in a carrier, so the dogs must be small.
If your pet ends up relieving himself at the mall, you should clean up his excrement immediately. However, if you are caught without bags, you should notify the establishment staff so that they can help you and provide you with bags.
For the safety of your pet, another rule is that to go up or down the floor does not use the escalators, as they are very dangerous for their legs. Instead, you must use the manual stairs or the elevator. However, in the latter case, the ideal is that before getting on the elevator you ask the people inside if they would have a problem with you entering with your pet.
As the legislation establishes, another rule to take into account is that if your pet is a dog classified as potentially dangerous (PPP) they must go, in addition to being leashed, with a muzzle.


Finally, you should know that although a shopping center allows your pet to enter, once inside each shop has its own policy and decides whether or not your dog can enter inside. Although it is best that you always ask before entering each store, stores such as Primark, Decathlon, or those belonging to the Inditex chain accept the entry of our animals in practically all their stores. Of course, each one has its own rules, very similar to those mentioned above.

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