Types Of Hair In Dogs
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Types Of Hair In Dogs

Currently, the FCI (International Canine Federation) recognizes 343 different breeds of dogs, and these in turn are divided into 10 groups. Of course, each breed is unique and responds to a morphology, type of hair, and functionalities, but most respond to basic care for each type of hair.

When choosing a dog we must not only take into account aspects such as its size, character, or breed if we buy it, but we must also take into account the hair since it is very important that we know the different characteristics that the types have. of coats that exist and mainly their care. This will depend on whether you have more or less work when it comes to taking care of your four-legged friend and that your house does not have hair everywhere.

The canine world is very wide and complicated, so if you have doubts about what type of hair is the one that best suits your family and lifestyle, the best thing you can do is go to a dog groomer. In this way, you make sure to choose an animal that fits your lifestyle. To know this it is better that you ask yourself questions like: Would it bother you to have hair on your clothes? Can you afford frequent visits to canine beauty centers to cut their hair? Do you have time to brush your pet daily?


It is considered hard fur when it exceeds 10 centimeters in length and shows a characteristic thickness. Normally dogs with beards or very bushy eyebrows have this type of hair, this is important that we keep it and do not cut it since they have unique waterproof functions. Some of the dog breeds with these hair are the Schnauzer and the West Highland Terrier.
If our animal has this type of fur, we must take into account that when our dog’s hair grows, the previous one dries and is trapped. This is why these dogs need daily brushing to remove dead hair. Some dogs with this characteristic have two layers of hair, one hard and the other shinier and softer.

In addition to daily brushing, it is advisable to cut it with electric machines that allow a personalized length to maintain the typical cut of the breed. At bath time, it is good that we choose a specific shampoo without oils or softeners, and wash it every 3 or 4 weeks.


Curly hair is very special and characteristic. This grows continuously so it will need a frequent cut to maintain the good condition of our pet’s hair. This type of hair is characteristic of the Poodles, the Spanish water dog, or the Kerry Blue Terrier.
Being a very special hair, it requires more frequent baths, since they tend to get dirty easily and that is why it is recommended to wash them approximately every 20 days. In the bathroom, it is essential that we protect the ears of our pets and that we dry it well to prevent it from getting sick or irritating areas of the body.

Like the hard coat, the curly one needs daily brushing to avoid the appearance of knots that are very annoying for the animal. As for the cut, this must be done with scissors, except for some areas that we can use a razor. If you do not have experience with this hair it is better that you go to a specialized canine center.


The short coat is considered to be one that does not exceed 4 centimeters in length. The appearance of this hair is smooth and is the most common, being present in a multitude of breeds such as the Pitbull, the Doberman, or the Boxer. It is the easiest coat to care for and maintain, it does not need much care and it does not get dirty easily, so we can wash our pet every month and a half or two months.


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